Le travail de Rokni Haerizadeh – Urban Fairytales works from 2005 to 2009

26 04 2009

Rokni Haerizadeh employs a ‘madness of magic’ in his floating landscapes of surfaced characters and memories. His dream narratives are a kind of Garcia Marquez in paint, often bringing forth the burden of forgotten histories in order to define the current moment. In these intuitive narratives the imagined and the real, the internal and the external are juxtaposed in uninterrupted fluidity producing free-associated snapshots of human life as it is imagined.

Rokni works in extended series, sometimes creating images of densely populated urban reality and sometimes kaleidoscopic dream-solutions to the layered incongruence of the self or collective culture. Endowed with social, historical, and cultural references, the artist’s mental processing fabricates intensely individual worlds. Stock characters often inhabit the worlds, appearing and disappearing across series as in a sort of personal « Commedia dell’Arte ».

Whether coming under the theme of urban fairytales or private mythologies, these mental diaries are mirrors to a kind of Jungian « shadow » recalling to reality those primitive and awkward aspects of the collective culture that are readily rejected. (text from Thaddeus Ropac gallery)



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